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About Good Trip Mushroom Bars

We are the official manufacturers of good trip chocolate bars. The idea behind these mushroom chocolate bars was got from the fact that back in 2019 before the boom of microdosing,  It was quite difficult to find a mushroom chocolate bar that offered a good trip. Hence, we decided to create these bars. Nowadays there are so many top psychedelic bar brands such as fusion bars, polkadot and wonder mushroom bars but we have managed to remain one of the most sort after amidst all the competition. This speaks of the quality of our chocolate bars.

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Here at goodtrip mushroom bars we don’t only produce mushroom chocolate bars but also make some of the highest quality capsules you can imagine. We also have a line of good trip potions that we launched in 2023. Our team is working hard and you should expect collaborations with other shroom brands soon

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Have a Good trip today with the best mushroom chocolate brand. 

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It is our goal to create the perfect shroom bar and that's what we did with our bars.


We believe our clients are part of our family and so deserve only the very best.


Become a member of the goodtrip bars team. Every shroom lover is welcomed.

We want to create the perfect mushroom chocolate bar.
It is our mission to heal the world with the power of shrooms.

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