Tesla Bar Magic Mushroom Chocolate



Tesla Mushroom Bar

Tesla Mushroom Bar is a new psychedelic mushroom bar in the market. The tesla bars are a very unique mushroom chocolate bars as they were produced by shamans in Brazil. The tesla bar team took out several years to craft the perfect mushroom chocolate. The mushrooms used to make this tesla bars have been in use for more than 100 years by shamans in psychedelic rituals. This is one of the reasons why the mantra chocolates are special and also a reason for the increase in the demand for the bars.

Why Tesla Bars?

There recent increase in the demand for tesla chocolates has led to a lot of questions as to why. The tesla chocolate bars are not the only mushroom chocolate bar that targets spirituality so what exactly makes it so special. Here are a few effects and benefits of the tesla chocolate bars:

  • It is perfect for artistic types as it inspires creativity and stimulates brain activity
  • Some flavors are good for those suffering from insomnia due to its’ sedative effects
  • Mantra bars are good for those suffering from stress and anxiety. It causes happiness and giggles.

These are just some of the few reasons for the recent increase in the demand of tesla chocolates.

Tesla Chocolate Flavors

Tesla bars have 7 different flavors. This is to ensure that there is something for every individual. The different flavors have different effects and are good for different moods. The flavors include:

  • Tesla Bars Birthday cake
  • Tesla Bars Cookies & Cream
  • Tesla Bars Cosmic Crunch
  • Tesla Bars Litty Pebbles
  • Tesla Bars Reeses Pieces
  • Tesla Bars Smores
  • Tesla Bars Strawberry Shortcake

The Tesla Bar targets relief for anxiety, depression and insomnia. This combination can boost your memory, help you to focus on the present moment, and aid in the release of negative emotions. With the intention to facilitate mental relaxation and a socially connected life.

Just like the serenity flavor. Each flavor has a different effect and works for different purposes. They are mushroom chocolates that work for anxiety, stress and even those for creativity.

Packaging Tesla Chocolate Bars

These mushroom chocolates are quite different from the other mushroom bars in the market. The packaging is quite unique with the logo at the center. The packaging is kind of futuristic. The flavor name is found at the bottom of the bar.

Micro dosing with Tesla Mushroom Bars

The demand for mushroom chocolates has skyrocketed due to the advent of micro dosing.  Micro dosing with tesla bars is now a common practice but many of you are still getting it wrong. Below we will provide you with the proper guide on how to micro dose with mantra bars:

  • Firstly start off with a few pieces of the chocolate
  • Ensure your schedule is clear and you have nothing else to do
  • If it is your first time make sure you trip with a friend
  • Have a bottle of water beside you to hydrate yourself
  • Don’t fight the trip, Just seat back, relax and go with the flow.

Where To Buy Tesla Mushroom Chocolates?

There are a lot of dispensaries that claim to sell authentic mushroom bars and tesla bars. Most of them are fake and selling products that can harm you. We recommend you make purchase from their official website or a licensed distributor like us. We also have several different mushroom bars in stock such as the fusion bars, funguy chocolates and many more.