Fusion Mushroom Bars



Fusion Mushroom Bars

Fusion Mushroom Bars is one of the latest and most sort after mushroom chocolates in the market currently. The fusion bars were released sometime in 2022 and a year later, it is already one of the top bars in the industry competing with industry giants such as polkadot and one up mushroom. These bars are made with the highest quality couverture chocolate and some of the most potent mushrooms.

Benefits & Effects of Fusion Bars

The fusion chocolate bars have quite similar effects to some other mushroom chocolates but some have said it is quite intense. Some of the effects of these bars include:

  • It slows down reaction time
  • It induces laughter and happiness
  • It leads to dilated pupils
  • It leads to an increased heart rate, blood pressure and temperature in some.

Some of the benefits of the fusion shroom bars include:

  • It is perfect for those suffering from insomnia due to its sedative effects
  • They are highly recommended for artistic types because the inspire creativity
  • Some flavors are great for those suffering from anxiety and stress.
  • It is also good for those suffering from depression as it induces laughter and happiness.

Appearance & Packaging

The fusion packaging is quite unique and different from that of any other bar in the market. The different flavors all have different colored packaging. The fusion logo can be seen at the center of the bar with the flavor name at the bottom right.

It is essential that you take a good look at the package to ensure that it is not a fake. There are many imposters replicating fusion packaging to sell knockoff bars. There is a qr code at the back of each authentic fusion bar package that can be used to verify if it is authentic.

Collaborations Between Fusion Bars & Other Brands

The mark of any good brand can be seen from those willing to work with them. In that aspect fusion ticks every box. The fusion mushroom bars brand just had a collaboration this 2023 with the laughing gas team. The two companies released 5 amazing flavors. The flavors include:

  • Tremendous Fusion Bars
  • Coco Fusion Bars
  • White truffle Fusion Bars
  • Rainbow runtz Fusion Bars
  • Zashimi Fusion Bars

These five new flavors are in addition to the already released 30 flavors from the fusion chocolate bar. This is definitely a first in the mushroom chocolate industry. That is one of the reasons for the success of the brand, their variety might only be second to the polkadot brand.

How to Micro dose Properly with Fusion Shroom Bars?

Micro dosing is now the new trend and is one of the main reasons for the rapid increase in the demand for mushroom chocolate bars. Now, there is no one way to properly micro dose as it all depends on the individuals tolerance level. Therefore, the guide below is more of a directive on how to consume fusion mushroom bars depending on the effects you want to acheive.

  • Micro : This is basically starting off with 1 -2 pieces of the fusion mushroom chocolate. It is recommended for beginners that are just trying out the bars for the very first time.
  • Therapeutic : This dosage is recommended for intermediate users and it is at this point where you start feeling the psychedelic effects of the fusion mushroom bars. This got from consuming between 3 – 6 pieces of the bar.
  • Shamanic : This is anywhere between 7 – 12 pieces or more. This dosage is for more advanced users and those that have a mastery of psychedelics trip. This level leads to hallucinations and supernatural experiences.

How are Fusion Bars Made?

Fusion chocolates are made following the same process that many other mushroom chocolates follow during production. The only difference between the fusion mushroom bars and other shroom chocolate bars is the quality of the ingredients used. Below is an overview of the production process for these shroom bars.


  • Dry Magic Mushrooms. Mushrooms such as the golden teacher mushroom, penis envy mushroom, blue meanies and a few of the fusion team own homegrown shrooms are used.
  • Premium quality couverture chocolate.
  • Raw, unrefined cacao.


  • The first step in the production process is to ensure that your magic mushrooms are thoroughly dried
  • They are then cut and grinded into very fine pieces.
  • The premium quality chocolate bars is then melted and set to cool for a little bit.
  • The finely shredded mushroom pieces are then added into the chocolate mixture at this point.
  • The raw cacao powder is also added in.
  • The shroom chocolate mix is then poured into our fusion mushrooom chocolate moulds and then placed into their industrial refrigerators
  • Once the shroom chocolate has set it is now packaged and ready to be distributed.

Where To Buy Fusion Shroom Bars ?

Due to the rapid increase in the demand for fusion bars, it has led to the influx of a lot of fakes in the market. We recommend that you make your purchase from the official fusion bars website or a licensed partner like us. We are home to some of the top mushroom chocolate brands in the market such as the fun guy chocolates and mantra bar.